Mark Buckley-Sharp CEng FBCS CITP

ImageCompPro (ICPro) is software for displaying and scoring images in club competitions. The final version from the original creator, Roy Moore (Maidstone CC), is version 18.4.1. ICPro has been used by Harrow CC for many years and is also used by other clubs. It is particularly easy to use, given that a competition secretary has to operate in low light. Contrary to some opinions, it is fully compatible with Zoom.

Over the years, I have developed a number of patches to resolve problems and to make minor improvements. Earlier patches were incorporated by Roy into released versions of ICPro. Later patches are additions to version 18.4.1. Roy has ceased development of ICPro and he no longer maintains a download source. However, he has given permission for his software to be made available to anyone here, free of any licence charge. I am also making the additional patches available here along with the installation and procedural documentation used by Harrow CC..

Version evolution: Features from earlier versions which were not supported by the final release (18.4) include dual screen operation and use of tif image files. The additional patches to 18.4.1 remove multi-judge scoring as this is better supported by an independent system (see HERE).

System requirements: ICPro requires a Windows PC, and is installable on all versions of Windows from XP to W11.

Please contact to obtain:

  • The installation instructions.
  • ICPro 18.4 and 18.4.1 (the original content of these releases).
  • ICPro Extras: (a) HCC_Patch_18.4 (the individual patches for 18.4.1 with explanations, and a composite patch folder with instructions for installing the full set of patches), and (b) ICPro desktop folder (a folder which may be copied to the desktop, also containing the installation and procedures documentation developed by Harrow CC).