Mark Buckley-Sharp CEng FBCS CITP

EntryWizard is a WordPress plugin by Josie Stauffer in Toronto, which allows camera clubs and similar organisations to accept entries for competitions. Entrants upload their entries including image files.

The software provided here uses the spreadsheet download from EntryWizard to drive extraction of the image files from the organiser’s website, with collation of the other event and entrant information suitable for onward processing. This software was initially developed for, and is currently used by, the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs.

Download the Guide for this software. [version 2.2, March 2024].

Version 2 of this software is a major upgrade from version 1 and introduces a standard (CIFD) for storing competition image file data. CIFD is intended as an interface repository between systems cooperating to collect image files and related data and the onward use of those files and data. Download the CIFD standard.

Warning: This software is an Excel macro-enabled workbook which creates and changes files within your own local system. Read the full Guide before deciding whether to download and use the software.

  • Download software in Excel 2007 (xlsm) format (zip). This version is suitable for Excel 2007 and later, either 64-bit or 32-bit. The zip file will download to your default download folder. Extract the zip file to reveal the Excel file. If Windows is blocking one or more files, see HERE.
  • A version for Excel 2000 and later, 32-bit only, can be created by opening the xlsm version and saving in the earlier format.