We have divided our site into three areas

  • Home. Here we cover our main interest in Turkey and our available talks.
  • Organisations. We show our connection with mostly photographic organisations.
  • Research & Development. Mark covers his projects and research areas.

Our Talks

Mark and Judy offer talks which may be booked by PAGB affiliated Clubs, or other organisations. View the list and booking arrangements, and access a gallery and poster for each talk.


A variety of annotated Galleries display examples of our work. As we work together, galleries (other than those for our RPS Distinctions) show images from both of us. Please respect our copyright in all the images.

Turkish Grammar

To support our many visits and extensive research on Turkey, which in turn have developed our talks on the country, we have spent some time trying to learn Turkish. Mark’s loose-leaf book of Turkish Grammar offers some insight.


We are delighted to recommend Lisa Morrow who knows much more than we do about Turkey and particularly Istanbul.


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