Mark Buckley-Sharp ARPS HonMemRPS
Judy Buckley-Sharp LRPS HonMemRPS

Mark and Judy achieved the LRPS distinction in 2002. Mark achieved the ARPS distinction for Research and Application in Photography in 2008.

Mark and Judy joined the Thames Valley Region committee in 2002 and continued until 2019. Mark was the Regional Organiser (2006 to 2017), the Treasurer (2017 to 2019), the Representative on the Society’s Advisory Board (2005 to 2017), and the Representative on the Regions Committee (2017 to 2019). Mark also advised on the Society’s web site.

In 2014, Mark and Judy both received the Gold level award for 12 years service.

In 2015, Mark was a member of the Governance Review Committee and was also awarded the Society’s Fenton Medal and Honorary Membership.

In 2020, Judy was awarded the Society’s Members Award and Honorary Membership.

In 2022, Mark joined the Representatives Committee as the nominee for the Photographic Alliance

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