These topics in the J series of workshops and the separate M series of short presentations may be booked in any required combination. Workshop demonstrations and practice will use Adobe Elements, being more appropriate for learners.

Workshops have been designed over the years, and more can be created to your requirements. The currently available set is shown here.

J3. Colour Management

Why colour management is needed in your workflow; how it works; and how to use it. Handout
40 minutes.

J5. First Steps

What simple image processing is usually required for every image.
40 minutes.

J7. Dodging & Burning

Teaches a range of basic skills, useful anyway but which, when put together, allow for non-destructive dodging and burning.
40 minutes.

J8. Image Critique

A short presentation followed by discussion of images (provided by members of Harrow Camera Club) to engage the participants in image assessment. Aims to improve the participants’ assessment of their own images.
60+40 minutes. In-person meeting only.

J9. First Steps in RAW

For those who have not ventured into RAW processing, how do you start?
40 minutes.

J10. Print Clinic

A club competition is a passive experience for members. In the Print Clinic, members bring their prints for a moderated interactive discussion including their fellow members.
60+40 minutes. In-person meeting only.

The following Workshops are no longer offered:

J1. Preparing Digital Images for Projection – for Authors

A description, with demonstrations on sample images, of the complete workflow required to take master image files through to the correct specification for projection, including submission to Club and external events.
60 minutes.

J2. Projecting Digital Images – for Clubs

A discussion of the equipment required for Projected Digital Images, and how to set it up for good quality projection.
40 minutes.

J4. Download & Store

How to download images to your computer; and how to set up a storage and backup strategy.
40 minutes.

J6. Including Video

How presentations are given with static images, and how that can be extended to include video clips.
20 minutes.