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Most of our talks are documentaries on the geography, history, culture, language and economics of Turkiye. We take a series of topics based on our extensive research and illustrate them using photographs taken during our many visits to Istanbul, Cappadocia (central region), and Lykia (SW region).
Talks are refreshed as we develop the content and add to the available images. While we hope that all the images in our talks reflect the skills we have learnt, only ‘Our Journey in Printing’ is primarily a presentation and discussion of individual photographs.

Information and Terms

All the information about terms, bookings, costs, equipment etc. is HERE

Each talk is detailed on its own page, with a poster and gallery
  • Talk A. Istanbul [1] & The Bosphorus
  • Talk B. Istanbul [2] & Topkapı Palace
  • Talk G. Istanbul [3] & Shopping
  • Talk L. Istanbul [4] & Fun Fare!
  • Talk K. There be Dragons
  • Talk H. Our Journey in Printing

These talks are only offered for bookings with prior discussion

  • Talk C. Cappadocia – Poetry in Rocks. The material is rather old
  • Talk D. Taste of Cappadocia & Konya to the Coast. The material is rather old
  • Talk E. Lykia – Visiting the Past Today
  • Talk F. Lykia – Land of Mountains. Preferably book Talk K and a second half Istanbul talk
  • Talk N. Lykia – Hidden Corners
  • Talks J. A variety of workshops
  • Talks M. Several miscellaneous short presentations